Archaeologists uncovered Tunnel – a “Geometric miracle”

Archaeologists uncovered Tunnel - a “Geometric miracle”

In November 2022, a team of archaeologists discovered a massive rock tunnel beneath an ancient Egyptian temple in the city of Taposiris Magna (near the city of Alexandria), located on the coast of Egypt. Archaeologists uncovered the tunnel described as a geometric miracle.

According to the Egyptian Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities, the tunnel extends more than 4300 feet long and is carved into a rock 43 feet below the ground. The discovered tunnel is similar to the Jubilinos tunnel in Greece but longer.

Taposaris Magna Temple (pic- HeritageDaily)

The name Taposaris Magna Temple means ‘tomb of Osiris’, the god of the underworld. Martinez said that the tunnel could lead to the lost tomb of Cleopatra and her lover, Mark Antony. She is working there since 2004.

Discovery while searching for Cleopatra’s tomb

Dr Kathleen Martinez (an archaeologist from the University of Santo Domingo) led the excavations searching for Cleopatra’s tomb and discovered the tunnel. Cleopatra was the last pharaoh of Egypt who ruled from 51 to 30 BC. Cleopatra was the last of a long line of Ptolemaic rulers of Egypt—descendants of the Greek general Alexander the Great.

Cleopatra and Mark Antony die after losing the Battle of Actium in Greece to Octavian, Caesar’s successor, battling for control of the Roman Empire. But their graves were never found. Cleopatra wanted to be buried with Antony because she wanted to be reunited after death like in the legend of Isis and Osiris.

According to the legend of Isis and Osiris, Osiris was killed and cut into pieces and scattered everywhere. Isis, the wife of Osiris, collected the pieces and for a brief period of time, she resurrect him.

Findings in temples

A number of important artefacts were also found inside the temple containing coins engraved with the faces and names of both Queen Cleopatra and Alexander the Great, statues of the goddess Isis (wife of Osiris), and burial shafts including Greco-Roman burials indicating the possibility of the presence of the tomb of Cleopatra and Mark Antony.

Tunnel (pic- AI- Monitor)

The tunnel contains pottery and a rectangular block of limestone. Some part of the tunnel is submerged under the waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Several earthquakes disturbed the region and destroyed major parts of the temple.


During an interview with National Geographic, Dr Kathleen Martinez said that there is a one per cent chance that the tunnel could lead her to the lost tombs.

We are not sure that the new tunnel could lead us to the lost tomb. But still, the archaeologists insisted that it would be the most important discovery of the century. This will certainly give more information in the coming days of research.

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