The Bermuda Triangle: Region of no return

Bermuda Triangle: Region of no return

Is the Bermuda triangle most dangerous than the rest of the oceans of the world? Is it a curse?

The Bermuda triangle is located in the western part of the North Atlantic Ocean. It is an imaginary triangle formed by a line connecting Bermuda Island, Puerto Rico and Miami, Florida. It’s about 500,000 square miles. Bermuda is a self-governing territory under Britain in the western North Atlantic Ocean. It is a group of Islands.

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Many unexplained events occurred here having numerous records and reports.

There are hundreds and hundreds of shipwrecks and plane crash found. Ships and planes disappeared mysteriously and even the rescue is said to vanish when flying in the area.


It was Christopher Columbus who wrote about mysterious forces in the triangle. He saw a series of lights in the sky over the triangle. This was the first incident in the Bermuda triangle. It is where the myth of supernatural forces in the Bermuda triangle started. There are different interpretations of Columbus’s sighting.

The disappearance of flight 19 is believed to be the foundation of the Bermuda triangle legend. On 5 December 1945, 5 navy planes took off from Florida on a training mission with 14 members on board and disappeared mysteriously. The search was conducted but no body and wreckage were ever found. Even one of the rescue planes also wholly vanished. Collectively this event is known as flight 19. The reason behind the disappearance of flight 19 is still unknown.

Flight 19 (Pic- U.S. Naval Institute)

What happened out there in the darkness? After that many ships went there to search but no wreckage or anything was found there.

Later on, numerous ships and planes vanished without a single trace. There is a long list of the disappearance of ships and planes in the Bermuda triangle and there is a long list of theories that go along with it.

Theories Behind the Bermuda Triangle events

  • Presence of Supernatural forces and paranormal activities.
  • The existence of a parallel universe in the Bermuda triangle region sucks objects into another universe.
  • Involvement of UFOs.
  • Human ignorance during a visit to the Bermuda triangle.
  • Destructive Hurricanes and storms pass through the Bermuda triangle.
  • The Gulf stream causes changes in the weather.
  • Methane eruptions from the ocean floor form the froth in the sea causing the ships to sink.
  • Experts concluded that the area is highly magnetized causing a disturbance in the earth’s magnetic field which leads to weather anomalies, dangerous algal growth and problems with navigation.  

There is still no accurate theory to explain the mystery behind the Bermuda triangle. Most of its mysteries are still unsolved.


The ocean has always been a mysterious place to humans. Is it the ocean or supernatural forces behind the Bermuda triangle?

We have to plan our future accordingly otherwise the whole planet will become the Bermuda Triangle, a place where safe navigation of the seas and skies can no longer be possible.

We still have no exact root cause but we have some logical reasons behind the mystery of the Bermuda triangle like currents, high traffic, hurricanes, magnetic fields etc.

Remember the number of incidents is more in other parts of the ocean. So crossing the ocean at any place is dangerous as the Bermuda triangle. But why is the Bermuda triangle more terrifying?

The search continues.



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