The story behind Crop Circles

The story behind Crop circles

Crop circles are large geometrical patterns of flattened crops that appeared mysteriously overnight in different agricultural fields around the world.

It is believed that crop circles have a supernatural origin. Modern crop circles have more complex patterns and designs than older ones. They have a wide variety of geometrical shapes.

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The majority of the circles are found in England but have now appeared in other countries also.

Definitions of Crop circle

According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary: A crop circle is defined as a geometric and especially circular pattern of flattened stalks in a field of grain now usually attributed to natural phenomena or to the work of hoaxers trying to create the impression of a visit by extraterrestrial beings.

According to Cambridge Dictionary: A crop circle is defined as an area in a field of crops where the crops have been made flat in a regular pattern, often a circle or series of circles, which people sometimes believe has been done by aliens (= creatures from a different planet).

Theories explaining the origin of crop circle

  • There is a theory that crop circles are created by an earth’s magnetic field. This may be due to the fluctuation in the earth’s natural magnetic forces which electrocute the crops causing them to collapse and fall in different shapes.
  • Many people claim that they saw balls of light moving over crops, making various patterns. But thousands of crop circles are visible without the presence of any light. Various videos are available for the appearance of light but still, there is a mystery behind this theory.
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  • They appear near Stonehenge. The location of Stonehenge attracts the appearance of crop circles. The Majority of crop circles are found near Stonehenge.
  • Crop circles are caused by UFO landings. Some believed that they are messages from extraterrestrial life.
  • Numerous experts came forward explaining that they are created by aliens, ghosts, supernatural entities, wind patterns and even Gods.
  • They may be the work of humans.


Are crop circles some sort of message from the aliens or another world?

There is no doubt that crop circles are real. We still aren’t clear about its origin and the process of its formation. Countless theories exist, but the most accepted one is that crop circles are the work of humans. Also, remember it’s just a theory, not a fact.

There are various Hollywood movies and television featuring the mystery behind crop circles such as Signs, In circles etc.


Crop circles: Myth, theories and history


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