Discovery of dead female Polish ‘Vampire’ skeleton

Discovery of dead female Polish ‘Vampire’

A skeletal female vampire has been found in a cemetery in Poland, Europe. There exist many stories revolving around vampires in Europe.


The remains of a female vampire have been found by a team of archaeologists led by Professor Darius Polinski of the Institute of Archeology at Nicolas Copernicus University in Torun, Poland. The body has been discovered at the end of August 2022. As per reports, this skeleton dates back to the 17th century.

Meaning of Vampires

‘Vampire’. Most people are aware of this term. In mythology, vampires are demons in the form of humans. They have fangs through which they suck human blood.

Features of the discovered skeleton

The discovered skeleton has a sickle (a sharp blade) on its neck and a triangular padlock on the big toe of its left foot. This reflects people’s belief that vampires can still live after death. Both the sickle and the padlock make it impossible for the dead to rise again. It was believed that the sickle would cut the head of the dead one who tried to get up.

Pic- CBS News

The skeleton is also wearing a silk cap which is woven with gold or silver thread. The hat may represent the high social status of the dead. The skeleton has a bulging tooth.

Similar methods of anti-vampire burial have already been found in other parts of Eastern Europe. Such burial methods include practices such as a metal rod hammered through the skeleton, cutting off the head or feet, placing the faces of the dead in a downward direction, burning them, and breaking the skeleton with stones. But this one recently found with a sickle is a unique one.

Researchers are planning to further investigate the skeleton. They will conduct DNA testing to find out more about the female vampire discovered.

Vampires: is it real? This is another question that scholars need to find.


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