The talk of money- a taboo

The talk of money- a taboo

The talk of money- a taboo is a discussion around money. Why talking about money is a taboo thing?

There are many people around us and we never talk about money with each other like how much money we make, how much money we have, about salary, saving goals etc. These are the topics that never get discussed or covered at all.

What is taboo?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary– Taboo is something that is not acceptable to talk about or do.

According to the Cambridge dictionary– a taboo is a subject, word, action that is avoided for religious or social reasons.

What is money?

According to Merriam Webster dictionary– Money is something that is generally accepted as a medium of exchange, a measure of value, or a means of payment.

We may define money as power or evil or something that makes a person feels good or which is necessary for the survival of life. Money is a tool that we need to master in order to achieve our best lives. It can be used to build the life which we dream and the life which makes us proud.

There isn’t an open conversation about money. We don’t go asking people about their salary. A lot of people believe that money is something that does not need discussion.

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A lot of people have a hard time dealing with money is because no one talks about it. It is difficult to talk about money within the families between generations.

Being money a taboo creates a lot of confusion, awkwardness and silence around money. Now it is very important to start opening discussion about money. It should not be taboo anymore. Most people control money instead of fulfilling it for their best lives.

The fact that money is taboo is really a problematic issue. People should start talking about saving, investing, payments, taxes and tons of different topics related to money. Money is that thing which impacts our lives in every aspect. It should not be avoided.

Financial wellness

One can achieve purposeful living with sound financial decision making. Financial wellness is about the wealth and health of a person. It is the overall quality of life one is living. Money isn’t everything but money impacts most things. It brings our dream lifestyle to us.

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There should be Financial knowledge. One should know about these 5 points for-

  • Save more than you spend
  • Invest early and frequently
  • Pay off debt and use credit sparingly
  • Build assets
  • Have multiple and passive incomes

So we need to continue the conversation about money.


As we are moving forward in developing many new things, still the money talk is a taboo is prevalent in our societies.

We should think about breaking this taboo for the betterment of mankind as a whole.

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