Nuclear Family vs Joint Family

Nuclear Family vs Joint Family


The nuclear family is a family that includes the Husband, Wife and their unmarried children. It is a small and universal family.

A joint family is an undivided family that includes children, parents, grandparents, uncle, aunt, cousins etc. It is a large family.

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Definition of Nuclear family

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary– A nuclear family is defined as a family group that consists only of parents and children.

According to the Cambridge dictionary– A nuclear family is a family consisting of two parents and their children, but not including aunts, uncles, grandparents, etc.

Definition of Joint family

According to Merriam- Webster dictionary– A joint family is defined as a consanguineal family unit that includes two or more generations of kindred related through either the paternal or maternal line who maintain a common residence and are subject to common social, economic, and religious regulations.

According to the Cambridge dictionary– A joint family is a family in which parents and their male children with their families live together and are considered as a single unit.

Advantages of Nuclear family

  • There is less stress for the earning person in the family. They have low expenses.
  • They need a small space to live.
  • They require fewer resources for their survival.
  • There is the prevention of intra-family disputes.
  • They have more Privacy.
  • There are fewer conflicts. More people leads to more arguments.
  • Children can maintain their studies well.
  • They have fewer responsibilities.
  • Here it is easy to make decisions as there is less number of member. It is easy to convince members.
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Disadvantages of Nuclear family

  • They may become isolated.
  • They don’t get support from their family members during a crisis.
  • They have to bear the workload. It impacts their working ability. They have to take care of many things at once.  
  • They have lack guidance in difficult situations.
  • They have less experience.
  • Children may get attracted to bad habits.
  • There is the single head who has to manage most of the things alone.

Advantages of Joint family

  • Children get love and the most important is guidance from their grandparents.
  • Children never feel alone here.
  • Help is always there as all family members live together. There is always a person in the home to protect the house.
  • Elderly members get support from the young ones.
  • Kids get raised with the help of elderly members.
  • Prevents human trafficking and child kidnapping.
  • Shared finances.
  • Members get support from other members during a crisis.
  • Less chance of depression among the family members.
  • They have an active social life.
  • They celebrate festivals in their unique way. Together they perform to make their functions memorable as everyone spends time together.
  • They have more management skills. They learn from each other.
  • They have more emotions towards each other. They have less selfishness.
  • They are good at handling situations.
  • They respect others.
  • Elders have more experience in their life which is much needed for the young ones to survive in this world.
  • They have a longer relationship.
  • They are more disciplined.
  • They do not have to work hard as their workload is divided among family members.
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Disadvantages of Joint family

  • They may have Financial issues. Not every member earns the same.
  • There is a chance of jealousy and conflicts.
  • There is noise pollution.
  • All have a different mindset which creates difficulty in making decisions.
  • There is less privacy.


Both types of families have their characteristics. It depends on the family members to choose a nuclear family or a joint family. The formation of the nuclear family depends on the situation and personal preferences.

Some people have to live in a nuclear family due to circumstances, they are not able to live in a joint family even if they want. Despite living in a nuclear family, they remain attached to the joint family and are always in their contact.

Here I have given only a general perception, it may vary according to one’s view because the concept of family is of different types in different cultures.

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