Impacts of the PUBG game on today’s generation

Impact of PUBG game on today’s generation

PUBG- Player’s Unknown Battlegrounds. It is an online multiplayer game developed by PUBG Corporation, a subsidiary of Bluehole, a South Korean Video game company. It is one of the highly popular in the gaming industry. This game is available on platforms like Mobile, Tablet, iPad and PS4 (Playstation 4). In this article, we are going to discuss the impacts of the PUBG game on today’s generation.

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In this era of technology, most people love to play games. It’s just they have different motives to play. It is now a part of the routine in many people’s life. Most of the time PUBG has been in news for its negative impacts. Here we are going to see both negative as well as its positive impacts.

Do you play PUBG? Well, I am one of the tribe.

Many people prefer to play PUBG rather than have conversations with their close ones. They want to engage themselves with PUBG more. Being a violent game where does it lead us?

Just one thing, if one is playing a game just for fun and entertainment then it is not a big issue. Spending more hours playing PUBG rather than doing their work is a big problem. If one is feeling heroic by shooting some animated enemy then he or she is making fool of himself or herself. When one is not playing the game but still is thinking about the game then it is also not good.

Anybody can play any game, it’s their choice. But one should not spoil themselves. One should find a constructive part in playing games. But most people just play PUBG without getting any constructive work out of it.

It’s just a game. Why people are addicted so much?

  • It is a mobile-friendly game which is a plus point in the video game industry.
  • Everyone has problems in their life and Games work as a temporary escape from problems. For some, playing sports, watching TV, reading novels etc. are ways to escape from problems.
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  • Why do people choose PUBG as their temporary escape? The reason may be that it is a social game. It is the kind of game which you can also play with your friends who are far distant from you. Through PUBG you can also make new friends across the World.
  • This game gives a sense of goal and we just need a goal to fulfil. They gave you a purpose to play. Maybe that is also one of the reasons why people play it.
  • It gives time-to-time rewards. It keeps you motivated to play. To keep continue you need to know your level and this game provides the same.
  • It provides a realistic gameplay experience. For most people, It became a habit to play PUBG in their free time.

Playing PUBG has both positive and negative effects. The difference is that its effects depend on you. How you are going to play this game? How much time are you going to give? What are your motives for playing such a game? It’s you who is going to make this game bad or good. Let’s discuss some of its positive and negative impacts.

Negative impacts of playing PUBG

There is always news revolving around the PUBG game. For example- two guys playing PUBG on a railway track and a train come and they die. A guy stole money from his father and spent it on PUBG. A person should neither harm himself nor others. There are many states in India where PUBG is banned.

These negative impacts are for those who spend more time on gaming than the required time.

If one is addicted then definitely it is going to harm you.

It is a kind of a waste of time if you are not using it as a gaming career.

It consumes more battery. It weakens your eyesight. Even some people are mental gets affected. Most people are emotionally attached to this game. They are not able to concentrate on other work which affects their performance. It affects your sleep pattern.

Positive impacts of playing PUBG

This game is positive for those who play it in a balanced way.

It keeps one’s brain fit. They become good at multitasking. They develop the great ability of teamwork. In-game they have a habit of playing in coordination. It connects you to new people around the world.

Even there is also a career option in the PUBG game. Today many gamers start live streaming on YouTube and other social platforms. Due to this, they earn a good amount of money.


As I said I am one of the tribe. I am fond of PUBG. But I play in moderation. I am not going to recommend it to you for playing or I will not say to stop playing. Just do what you want and remember one thing- whatever you do too much will hurt you.

Play it to relax your mind, to keep away the stress. But don’t play long enough to harm your mental health. Just stay connected with your close ones also.

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