Mixed Race: All lives matter

Mixed Race: All lives matter

What are you? Where are you from? What is your race? What does it mean to be mixed race?

Just remember no race is superior to another. We should not believe that one person is superior to another person based on physical appearance. We all are equal.

What is race?

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According to Merriam-Webster’s dictionary

  • Race is defined as any one of the groups that humans are often divided into based on physical traits regarded as common among people of shared ancestry.
  • Biracial– of, relating to or involving members of two races.
  • Multiracial– composed of, involving, or representing various races.

According to Cambridge Dictionary

  • Race is defined as one of the main groups to which people are often considered to belong, based on physical characteristics that they are perceived to share such as skin colour, eye shape, etc.
  • Biracial– concerning or containing members of two different races.
  • Multiracial– involving people of several different races.


Mixed race is a result of the intermixing of individuals from different backgrounds. The divergent population have been colliding for thousands of years which create a new combination of people. This further complicates mankind.

We need to understand that identity is the product of our surroundings.

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Challenges faced by people of mixed race

They Struggle with their identity. They feel isolated. They suffer from internal conflict. They Face discrimination on the grounds of their appearance. People pass judgement on people of mixed race. Children are seen as weak or inferior in various aspects.

Advantages of being a mixed-race

Some studies have shown that in some ways being mixed-race is advantageous due to the involvement of genetics.

It is believed that there is a chance of increased stature and intelligence among mixed-race than among single-race people. Studies showed that mixed-race people are smarter. They have performed better in cognitive activities.

They can handle temperature changes better. This depends on adaptation. Suppose a child has one parent from a cold country and another from a hot then it might be possible that such a child is more adaptable to changing temperatures.

They can easily adjust to different environments.

They have a better chance of being immune to certain diseases. They have got various physical characteristics like eye colour, hair colour, skin colour etc.

Difference between Race and Ethnicity 

Ethnicity is defined as a group of people who have a shared cultural origin.

Ethnic group symbolizes the social community which is separated due to cultural differences. Race is determined by physical features like hair, skin colour, eyes, body structure etc.

Ethnicity is a socially constructed category based on cultural traits that society finds important, rather than strictly biological traits. Ethnicity is determined by language, traditions, religion etc. Two people of different races might belong to the same ethnic group or two people of the same race might belong to different ethnic groups. For example, Japanese and Vietnamese people are both Asian but they have different cultural backgrounds.

Race is externally imposed based on physical features such as skin colour, hair texture etc.

Unlike race, ethnicity doesn’t always imply a hierarchy. People identify their ethnic groups based on their understanding of their history and culture. There are only a few races but there are thousands of ethnic groups.

There are ethnic groups within racial groups.


Come to your definition of what your identity is. You don’t need to have one view of who you are. We all identify as different. At the end of the day just remember I am who I am so that’s fine. I am just human like everyone else. Be yourself, live your own life and never disrespect others.

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