Anthropology during pandemics (COVID-19)

Anthropology during pandemic

Currently, we all are experiencing a pandemic. It is not spreading locally but is a global phenomenon. This pandemic forcing us to be in lockdown which can be utilized to rethink and re-evaluate ourselves. Our prime focus will be on Anthropology during the pandemic (COVID-19)

This current situation can be used to create opportunities to build ourselves. Though this pandemic is health-related, it also affects the economy and sociology. It is the whole humanities that are witnessing the whole crisis.

It is a huge time that the various disciplines involved to overcome the crisis. They have to mend their techniques according to the present situation.

COVID-19 is a disease that belongs to the coronavirus. It is identified in 2019 in Wuhan, China. It is declared a pandemic by WHO. Antibodies do not work against viruses. There is currently no medication to cure covid19.

Impact on Anthropology

Mankind had already experienced several pandemics before. This will also be passed out either by us or naturally. But it will leave us with many lessons that we have to learn. For survival, every one bound to change their habits.

In the anthropological context, it is very important to learn the ways of survival as it involves the study of change. Every aspect of anthropology going to change as the research methods will change.

Anthropology during pandemics (COVID-19)
Effects on the world (photo- Foreign Policy)

It will bring a new perspective to the world. The pandemic is not only biologically but also socio-culturally connected. This is going to change the culture of various societies like shaking hands or hugging traditions, kinship pattern, family structure, etc.

Conducting fieldwork is one of the important aspects of anthropology and visiting the field is one of the primary characteristics of research work in anthropology. Now the definition or tradition of fieldwork is going to change.

Traditional research methods in Anthropology have been changed due to this pandemic. Besides ethnography, anthropologists are now looking for new methods like “netnography”. Online has become a new field for anthropologists, netizens are the subject of their research.

NOTE- Ethnography is the study of people and their culture in their surrounding environment through the use of fieldwork methods. Netnography is the new research methodology to study people and their culture using an ethnographic research technique through electronic networks.

Role of Anthropologists

Anthropology during pandemics (COVID-19)
Role of Anthropology (photo- Rappler)

They can use local knowledge for pandemic research. The application of medical anthropology can be used for this work. There are many cases of suicides. People are losing hope and ending their lives during the pandemic. Anthropologists can try to understand their psychology to give emotional support.

To read more about the role of anthropologists, go through the link- Medical anthropology.


This can be used as an opportunity where a person comes up with a new idea for survival. This pandemic is challenging the entire humanity and the entire environment. It may wash off the whole of humanity. If we do not act now, then it is never.

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