Gayism and Child adoption and fostering


The purpose of the topic, Gayism and Child adoption and fostering are not to give details regarding the methods for foster care adoption for gay people but to discuss it to bring the sensitive topic in front of the people. This comes under Applied Anthropology.

Gay is a term that primarily means Homosexual person or a person having the homosexual trait. Gay is often used for homosexual males but lesbians (female homosexuals) may also refer to as gay.

Homosexuality (photo- Scientific American Blogs)

Homosexuality refers to sexual attraction to one’s own sex i.e. female gets attracted towards another female and a male gets attracted towards other males. On the other hand, heterosexuality is the quality of being attracted to people of the opposite sex.

Gayism means homosexuality and it is normal. Sexual orientation is a natural part of your behaviour. It’s your choice to choose your sexual partner. It is a matter of free choice. It may be possible that one can change his or her sexual orientation with changing times. Researchers believe that sexual orientation is partly affected by biological factors that start before birth.

Problems faced by gay people

They are suffering from various forms of socio-economic and cultural injustice. The lack of social recognition is emotionally challenging for gay people. They are not confident among people, that is one of the reasons they hide their identity of being gay. This also affects their ability to fully access and enjoy their rights as citizens.

They have to face many other problems such as discrimination, harassment, violence etc. They are easily get targeted by heterosexual people.

At present, most countries have decriminalizes same-sex relationship. But still, there are many disadvantages for gay people present in society.

Foster care and adoption by gay people

Adoption (photo- Pinterest)

It is not a new phenomenon. Foster care adoption is a wonderful way to bring a child into the life of a person who is unable to give birth to a child. Same-sex foster care adoption is not much different from any other foster care adoption. Same-sex people had legal rights to adopt since 2005 and many gay people adopt children to raise a family. They expand their family through adoption and fostering. For them, adoption is the first choice, unlike heterosexuals. There are options to adopt children domestically as well as through the intercountry adoption method. Private adoption arrangements are also there for homosexuals. As the legislation is changing day by day many more options have become available.

Despite the law, some people still think that gay people have no right to adopt children. Children who get adopted by gay families also have fear of bullying. The gender identities of such children might not get recognised. They may feel like they’re different from their classmates or friends who have a heterosexual family life. No doubt through foster care adoption, adopting parents make a huge difference in the life of the adopted child. There are so many children waiting for adoption to get a happy and healthy life, and a loving and caring family.

But researchers found that same-sex families are thriving. They score well in parenting, family relationship and well being of children. Gay parents have more strong relationships with their children as compared to heterosexual parents. Research published by CoramBAAF suggests that gay fathers show greater levels of interaction with their children than other types of parents.

It is a sensitive topics. Everyone should come forward and supports gay people. They need social recognition and respect. They also have the right to live without any kind of fear. It’s time to bring a change to our community. No doubt some people accepted gayism as a part of our society but there is a need to include gayism completely in our society. One should respect one’s sexual preference without passing any kind of judgement.

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